# database

JSONB in PostgresSQL and its daily uses

Postgres is a powerful SQL database with extensive features. It supports two JSON data types, json and jsonb, offering various functions and operators. Using JSONB can optimize database queries and reduce joins, as illustrated by examples like Netflix profiles and inflation-resistant order data.
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# productivity

I have been optimizing my development productivity

How I enhanced developer productivity with personal tools, bash scripts, aliases and organizational practices
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# database

Temporary tables in SQL and How I used it to improve performance

In PostgreSQL, a temporary table is a table that exists only during a database session. It is created and used within a single database session and is automatically dropped at the end of the session.
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# devops

Kubernetes Concepts

This writing is about my learning with kubernetes. This blog might be a quick look for my day to day uses with kubernetes.
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# backend

Take Your Django Serializer Game to the Next Level

Django has always been a quick go to framework that I mostly use when I need some result quickly. Start with the server or when I want to set up a quick server.
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